About Us

  • ChiSquare is a Next Generation Data and Analytics company offering specialized services in Data Analytics, Customer Analytics, web analytics and Financial modelling.
  • We are helping organizations across the globe achieve high impact and sustainable business outcomes by providing them with data driven and continuous business specific insights.
  • Our product pipe-line is designed in a way to help you develop a holistic view of your data and create tailor made solutions most appropriate for your business.
  • We serve clients across industries in the e-commerce domain and help their businesses catapult to new highs.
  • Our Team of Data scientists always believed that a good analysis is always simple to understand, actionable and produces results and we always swear by this philosophy.

Our Strengths

Our Work

Our four step process of understand (SOP), Optimize, Re-engineer and Operationalize ensures that we are involved in solving your bussiness problems to the extent that you want.

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State Of Play

As the name suggests the State of Play describes the current state of any area within the bussiness as well as the trends associated with the same.

As an example for CRM, we look into the current profile of customers with respect to their demography, recency, frequency, monetary value, channel and product preferences as well as the trends associated with the same. Similarly, in the player acquisition domain we look at the current sources of site traffic, profile of visitors from different sources, customer value associated with each channel and the conversion funnel.

In a nutshell, we slice and dice any domain into different views such that it can be looked into from different perspectives. This gives a headstart to identify the strengths of the current business model and the leakages if any which need to be addressed for arresting any decline in growth and moving the business on the growth trajectory.

Optimize & Recommend

The ouput of the State of Play act as an input for identifying the areas of improvement and Optimization.

We study the reports from State of Play and pick up different areas/processes which require a deep dive, and based on the industry best practices, consult on how those can be improved or optimized.

As part of this stage,we are helping our clients improve their rention cycles,introduce loyalty programs,optimize the billing cycles, improve cross sell efforts to name a few.


Based on our past experience, we have realised that many organizations require a radical redesign of their existing processes in order to be able to take a step forward.

Many industries especially the ones which are powered by internet have typically seen a supernormal growth in the last decade, due to which the businesses have always felt the need to move fast in their space. This has taken a toll on the quality of processes, sometimes making them mere placeholders in the whole system. Having dealt with multiple such cases, we come from a place of advantage where we are able to assess if a certain process within the business is adding sufficient value or whether it is just adding another level of complexity to the business. In case of the latter we also help you redefine and re-engineer the process in a manner that is in line with the best practices in the industry.


We understand that it takes time and expertize to build sufficient competencies for a data driven decision operational system and in a competitive environment this time can help you get the competitive edge you are seeking for.

Therefore, we at ChiSquare also provide services in Operations Support in the areas of Affiliate Management, CRM, Data Management and Customer Support.