IdeaSpark Solutions Private Limited

At Ideaspark (Client’s Data Tribe) we aim to be the best Data Analytics Services company in the Gaming Domain. We offer following to our esteemed clients:

Business Intelligence Services

  • Reduce cost of BI implementation by Over 40%
  • Reduce time to market by over 30%
  • Reduce operational overheads and Management time by 50%

Customer Value Management Services

  • Increase Customer Yield from database between 5%-10%
  • Increase Lifetime Values from New Acquisition by 15%-20%
  • Increase margins from customers by 10% -12% over lifetime

Performance Diagnostics Services

  • Saves cost on building inhouse analyst team for performance analysis saving between € 7500 to € 15000 per month
  • Provide quick insight and aid in decision making saving management's valuable time
  • Bring focus to key issues through the maze of Data and KPI's

Strategy2Tactics Decision Support Services

  • Saves cost on building analyst team, an average monthly savings of € 20,000 to € 40,000
  • Reduce Overheads and generate savings across Marketing, CRM and Product Management. Improving business margins by >7%-8%
  • Reduce time taken for informed decisions making by more than 50% with analytical models present on demand